Who, of the rising male Aussie actors in 2014 will find themselves amongst the list of globally-renown Australian stars in Hollywood, joining the likes of Hemsworth, Crowe, Jackman and Worthington? Well, here are the names to keep an eye out for:

callan-mcauliffe1)       Calan McAuliffe (19): You have probably seen this young star in films like Flipped, I am number four and most notably, as young Gatsby in The Great Gatsby. McAuliffe’s stardom is far from over as this year the former Scots College student who once roamed the streets of good old Sydney has three Hollywood films in the making: Kite, a live adaptation of the popular Japanese action anime featuring Samuel L Jackson. Our Robot Overlords, a science fiction action film with Gillian Anderson and Ben Kingsley and Hacker, a thriller crime movie alongside Lorraine Nicholson (daughter of Jack Nicholson)

brenton-thwaites-0012)       Brenton Thwaits (25): This Cairns-born, QUT graduate, prince charming from Australia was last seen alongside Elle Fanning in the major motion picture film Malefecient starring Angelina Jolie. According to critics Thwaits could be the next Hugh Jackman. The young actor has already found himself amongst the big names such as Taylor Swift and Meryl Streep.

Jai-Courtney3)       Jai Courtney (27): This talented young Aussie obviously made quite the impression during Spartacus: War of the Damned as he landed a role in Jack Reacher (opposite Tom Cruise) immediately after. This year, our Sydney star will feature in I, Frankenstein, Felony, Unbroken (Angelina Jolie), and The Water Diviner (Russel Crowe).

codi-smitt4)       Kodi Smit-McPhee (17): Adelaide-borne actor Kodi also dubbed ‘the chameleon’ and ‘Australia’s best kept secret first made an appearance among the big names during his performance in ‘Let Me In’ along side one of Hollywood’s favourite daughters, Chloe Moretz. From there, he has been rolling ever since, landing a leading voice role in Paranorman, and multiple acting roles including the remake of Romeo & Juliet, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Young Ones and Slow West.


And what of our lovely ladies? We’ve seen Kat Stewart and Asher Keddie from channel ten’s Offspring make the talk of tv for a while, so which lovely ladies from down under are following in their trails?

Anna-McGahan0011)       Ana McGahan (26): This lovely Brisbane girl has made a name for herself through her roles in House Husbands (2012), 100 Bloody Acres (2012) and Lance Johnson in Person (2010). This year we have seen her grow and become a well-recognised face through her appearance in the popular new Australian tv series ANZAC Girls.

krew-boylan0012)       Krew Boylan: Nominated for Cosmopolitan’s “Fun, Fearless Female Woman Of The Year” awards, our talented Sydney-born actress has featured in a number of television series during her career, most recently she was cast in nine network’s tele movie Schapelle (Feb 2014), which required her to undertake a drastic makeover. Boylan is considered to be one of Australia’s fastest rising talent.

Charlotte-Best0013)       Charlotte Best (20): Another Sydney-born talent, Charlotte won her first performance award at age 8 and appeared as a child model in her earlier years. Best known for her role in Home & Away the young actress’ most recent work includes the role of Cheryl in Puberty Blues.

Hanna-Lawrence0014)       Hanna Lawrence (23): British-born Aussie actress Hanna recently appeared in Spartacus: Vengeance and has been labelled as one of the top Aussie actresses destined to make it this year. Her other works include feature film Thirst, Aussie period drama Lucky Country, short film Sexy Thing and most notably, drama series Bed of Roses.


These blossoming home-grown talents are definitely ones to keep an eye out for. Soon you’ll see more aussie-born and/or raised young actors and actresses taking the centre stage not only amongst Australian media but across all spheres of the global media.