Festive People at SplendourAn energetic vibrancy fills the air as the cold days of winter are forgotten. Its chilly mornings have been replaced by the warmth of spring; cloudless, blue skies and beautiful, sunny days. Mother nature is celebrating as the birds sing and the flowers come to bloom, and she is not the only one getting excited. The rebirth of spring also means festival season is almost upon us! As usual this means thousands of young (and some old) festive Australians are preparing to dance up a storm and party hard at festivals across the nation.

This spring we want to take a look at the hottest festival fashion as we head into the party season. While Australian festivals are always filled with the wacky and the wild, they can be a great place to see upcoming trends in the fashion scene.

At the recent Splendour in the Grass we had the opportunity to see what some of the trendsetters were wearing to give us a glimpse of what we believe is going to be popular this summer. While there were a ton of different styles and colours on display there were some obvious looks that stood out as up-and-comers on the scene.

What’s Hot for the Girls

LilySplendourFollowing from last years trend of flowing lace and punk-rock chic, the bohemian look is once again in full vogue. Some of Splendour’s hottest fashionistas were rocking the very latest from labels such as the popular Free People, the super-stylish Arnhem Clothing, or any number of the other labels found at The Freedom State, our favourite go-to for boho festival clothing.

Kimonos and lace are hot this year, and we expect they will be some of the mainstays of the female gypsy/bohemian inspired look this season. Lily Allen even got in on the act, rocking a bohemian tie dye kimono with tassels for her epic performance on the Saturday of the festival.

Other fashion trends that deserve a notable mention for their prominence at Splendour this year are: short shorts, which are always a favourite during the summer; bright pastel coloured clothing, some very sexy and bohemian maxi dresses and face paint.

What’s Hot for the Guy

Two Festival Singlet DesignsNo surprises that there were a significant number of young men at Splendour in their favourite festival singlets this year. The hot Australian sun means it’s a given that you’ll often see tons of singlet clad bodies at our outdoor music festivals, and this year’s event was no different. While the old-school Bintang and wife beaters were ever popular, there seems to be a new trend for vibrant designer festival singlets and tshirts with the men this year.

One brand that seems to have made an impact on the scene this year is Fly Peacock. We noticed several of their attention-grabbing designs on tees and singlets wandering, stumbling, and dancing around during the festival. We also saw a lot of really unique designs on some of the more creative kids at the gig, who had turned their own ideas for shirt patterns into reality using design your own shirt website like The Tshirt Mill.

Other prevalent trends we noticed this year for the men were: the colour maroon on both shorts, jeans, and tshirts, ridiculous hats, and a shift away from skinny jeans and tight shorts.

So there you have it, our predicted trends in festival clothing for summer 2014/2015. We’ll be keeping an eye on things at the new big festivals to hit the Australian shores over the coming months, so we’ll let you know what else looks hot this season later in the year. Until then, party safe, party hard, and party in style!